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To give all our esteemed customers success stories in all their real estate needs.

A.L.S.H trade and more GMBH is a real estate company from Nuremberg in Bayern, Germany. The company deals in various real estate ventures like buying, selling, renting and refurbishing property.

Owing to the highly competitive property listings in Bayern, the real estate business has really budded to one ideal spectrum that is attracting property investors in large numbers. In addition to selling, we also buy, rent and refurbish property. A.L.S.H trade and more GMBH is geared at delivering all its clients with the choice service required and ensuring that every home owner who wishes to sell his/her house, buy, rent or refurbish their property gets 100% returns for the same.

Each listing in our property catalogue is derived from comparing the current market prices and our listing agents are always available to offer one on one service to our customers. Our company employs only the best approach towards real estate management and we are keen to ensure that each encounter with our customers is more engaging. Once you choose us, we will never tire in our quest, your involvement is vital and you will receive frequent phone calls, messages and emails with updates concerning your property search.

Each listing has its own classified category and the service terms for rentals may not be the same as that of property that is on sale. The dedication A.L.S.H trade and more GMBH has put in this field is one with a synergetic force. A rare bird in the nest, our company also has remarkable services on property maintenance with both minor and major renovations/refurbishments.

Contact us! Given the time or day, our team will be more than willing to attend to your every property need.