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Ain Aldunia Company is one of the biggest retailer and supplier for home appliances founded in Iraq but various exclusive contracts has given it access to other areas in the Middle East and Northern Africa (Egypt). The company has been in existence for 36 years, which makes this figure a force to reckon in the otherwise competitive home appliance vending market. The company deals with various home appliances of top brands Toshiba, Tornado and Super Imperial. Being one of the first home appliances supplier in Iraq and acquiring our own brand side by side with other exclusive contracts for brand names gave Ain Aldunia Company a more solid hold on the market and since then it eliminated the quest for survival. This stronghold further attracted major contracts with companies such as the Alarabi Group Company and an exclusive sole distributor contract for the Famous Egyptian brand Universal Appliances.


Company vision

To provide each Iraqi home with the best home appliances.


Company mission statement

Our mission as a company is to solidify our home appliance market in Iraq and the Middle East with genuine brands and unmatched customer service.



  • The company was founded and established as a trading company for home appliances in Baghdad in 1980
  • In 1999 the Alarabi Group Company gave the Ain Aldunia Company an exclusive contract for its products which are Toshiba and Tornado for Iraq
  • In 2003, the company’s head office was moved to Amman Jordan
  • In 2004 the company got the exclusive contract naming them sole distributor of the Egyptian brand Universal Appliances
  • In 2007 the company created its first own home appliances brand called ‘ Super Imperial
  • The company cushions 4 brands of home appliances namely, Toshiba, Tornado, Super Imperial and Universal Appliances
  • Current acting CEO is Zuhair Al-Shakarchi with Salwan Al-Shakarchi as General Manager and Sinan Al-Shakarchi as Executive manager
  • The company has a team of 80 employees working under its umbrella
  • The Alarabi company also gave sole distributor rights of all home appliances for Iraq to Ain Aldunia Company


Why Home Appliances

The average 21st century home is needy of many ‘things’ for its working environment to thrive. The Middle East region is best known for its strong beliefs on the importance of family therefore making the element of a proper home crucial in the life of any family. Apart from blood-ties, there are other binding factors like Good relations, congruence and serenity, all of which are needy in any home setting. As we take a mechanical twist, we must add home appliances on to our list of ‘things’. Like the rest of the world, home appliances were never common in the Middle East in the olden days. Men, women and children often had to practically do their chores but with the dawn of technology, the tale was inevitably twisted. Until now, Modern home appliances have offered a far more efficient alternative to the few traditional options that were available.

Most people have grown very fond of these appliances to the extent that a life without them is unimaginable. Given the rising demand for home appliances, a plan of action had to take course. This plan of action begun and was soon after known as the Ain Aldunia Company.


The Iraq Market

Many homes in Iraq appreciate the use of diverse home appliances and the market is fast growing due to the active demand of the same. With its origins in Iraq Ain Aldunia moved its head office from Baghdad to Amman in Jordan, it is in Jordan that the company is known as ‘Blue Nile Company’. Many companies sell and distribute home appliances but the Ain Aldunia Company enjoyed some dominance during its earlier years of establishment in the 1980s. When the dominance threat by competition started, like all other companies regardless of what they sell, this company had to find means to up its game. A number of merger contracts came knocking like a whirlwind. These contracts were with various companies and they offered Ain Aldunia exclusive contract rights to their brands and sole distributor rights. The company further solidified the market hold by moving its head office to Amman in Jordan. Toshiba and Tornado are the most favored brands in Iraq and as I mentioned earlier, Ain Aldunia enjoys sole distributor rights of these brands in Iraq.

Our Brands

Toshiba Home Appliances

Toshiba home appliances are the most loved due to their simple yet exquisite nature. Worldwide, Toshiba is a respected brand for its admirable strength in as far as keeping the fakes at bay is concerned. There is a constant war with counterfeit and should other competitor brands win it, they ought to borrow a leaf from Toshiba. Users of Toshiba home appliances have reported 100% user satisfaction. At home, you need a machine that conjures less jargon in its use; the machine should ease the task and make it enjoyable rather than discomforting. The home appliance you want to buy is at your discretion but you can rest assured that Toshiba will give you the best choice in the market.


Tornado and Super Imperial Home Appliances

Skeptics may say that these are unpopular brands, to the world maybe but to the Iraqi market, they are loved. These brands are unique in many ways and offer a more variable option as opposed to the rigidity that major brands have formed. Like Toshiba, Tornado also has a list of all home appliances to its cream. Super Imperial on the other hand is Ain Aldunia’s brand name was incorporated for its cooker and heaters which they manufacture in china.


Universal Appliances

Universal brand is one of the famous Egyptian brand and one of the professional manufactures for gas cookers and water heaters in the Middle East. In 2004, Ain Aldunia Company got the exclusive contract as sole distributor for Universal Appliance.


With prospects, the future of Ain Aldunia Company appears to be very bright. Middle East is home but should the company spread its wings they may as well overshadow the globe. There are ardent hopes of expanding the company’s services to all towns and cities in Iraq.