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selwan-logo-final-01The famous city of Dubai, jewel of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), has rapidly grown from a backwater port-city to the de-facto business capital of the Middle East in just 40 years.

Being one of the world’s fastest growing financial centers and an immensely attractive tourist destination, Dubai has managed to effortlessly incorporate thousands of young up-and-coming companies and has offered them a place among reputed businesses.

Al-Selwan Trading is an import-export home appliance company situated in the Middle East, with its headquarters being in none other than the city of Dubai. Rightfully and ambitiously profiting off of Dubai’s emergence as a financial juggernaut, Al-Selwan Trading has, since its inception in 2005, managed to establish itself as one of the leading home appliance suppliers and retailers of the United Arab Emirates.

Being a wealthy city, Dubai’s residents are quite well off. Al-Selwan Trading’s goal is not only to grow and expand as a company, but to supply the citizens of Dubai with top-notch home appliances such as microwave ovens, dishwashers, water heaters, coffee makers, refrigerators and many more.

The Alshakarchi Group, its parent company, is very well reputed in the Middle East, supplying people from Iraq, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates and even Germany with time-tested brands like Super Imperial and Tornado. Having given birth to Al-Selwan Trading about a dozen years ago, the Alshakarchi Group has effectively joined Dubai in its quest for stability and prosperity.

Breaking into foreign markets with a desire to impress and please and establishing several successful business relationships with other equally well known home appliance suppliers and retailers, Al-Sewan Trading is looking to devote their manpower to not just making a name for themselves, but to setting a new milestone in regards to the industry’s standards.