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Company vision

Outshine the Middle East with a lasting statement in the property development arena with unbeatable services.

Company mission

Our goal is to simplify the property search for our clients and to undertake all the hustles that come with acquiring and owning property in Jordan. What we have is a target oriented dream that is based on a factual past, solid present and a future that is visible in all our promises.

‘Owning property is one example of having solid assets that you can fall back to in the future.’ (Aljadail CEO…..)

The ugly truth about shelter is that it is a basic need for all human beings around the world and Jordan it is no exception. Aljadail Company is focused on property development with interests in building and selling rental flats. The company has its head office in Amman and has been offering its services to both local and international residents.

We sell a variety of flats in modest designs that are suitable for residential or official purposes. Our team of estate agents is a handy lot, knowledgeable and experienced in both field matters and office matters. Speaking of field matters, we understand most of the Jordanian suburbs and we can cut across a variety of offers to get you what you what, where and when you want it. We value our clientele and that’s why we major on the importance of gaining their trust. Buying property like flats is not comparable to shopping for a pair of sandals; you have put your money where your mouth is. With that thought, our clients can rest easy knowing that the property they will acquire will be sold to them in proper documentation that confers with the current land administration system.

For 100% efficiency and for our clients’ peace of mind, we ensure that new flats are built by certified engineers and contractors and that old flats receive the maintenance due.