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logoALNEEL ALAZRAQ CO. is located in Amman, capital of Jordan, base city of several international banks, a beacon of Arabian tourism, and the hub of countless successful business ventures.

It is then no wonder that ALNEEL ALAZRAQ CO. first surfaced around 2004 as an import-export company, and, thirteen years later, has managed to build a solid reputation for itself. Working with reputed brands such as Toshiba and Super Imperial, Blue Nile has not only become involved in several market niches, but has also managed to cement their foothold in the home appliance industry.

In our modern day and age, not many people can bear the thought of being left without home appliances. They have become a necessity – and unsurprisingly, as life is not only made much easier by appliances such as microwave ovens, toasters, refrigerators, coffee makers and washing machines, but also more manageable.

Not being satisfied with only penetrating burgeoning new markets in Europe and establishing firmly-rooted business relationships, the Blue Nile team also manages the Ain Aldounia Company, one of the biggest home appliance suppliers and retailers in Iraq. The two most favored home appliance brands in Iraq, Toshiba and Tornado, are being solely distributed by Ain Aldounia, being the only company in the country that holds distribution rights over them. They are also known for being the biggest (and only) distributor of the famous Egyptian brand, Universal, known and preferred by a large amount of customers.

ALNEEL ALAZRAQ CO. makes its home the Middle East, though they are now expanding into the wider world, desiring not just localized influence, but global. With the approach of a new decade, Blue Nile and its parent company the Alsh Group are striving to spread their wings in order to supply more than just their homeland with high-quality home appliance goods.